Features & Benefits

  • Automation: Runs continuously by keeping product in the hopper and the alginate and calcium chloride solutions in their tubs
  • Labor Savings: No rework
  • Casing Savings: Typical alginate casing formulations let processors reduce casing costs
  • Flexibility: Alginate casing can be adjusted as needed in its flavors, colors, bite, texture and dimensions

Conpro: Automated Efficiency

Precise. Reliable. Continuous.

The Handtmann ConPro System combines the advantages of an alginate casing with Handtmann co-extrusion technology for exact portioning and the continuous production of link or hanging products in a highly economical process.  Perfect for fresh sausage links and dry-cured or semi-dry snack stick production, it is also valuable in new product development situations and with high volume food service products.

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