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VF 611

VF 611 – Straight Filling with a Consistent Flow

Staight filling with a consistent filling flow Constant pressure, a consistent filling flow and a high vacuum capacity make the VF 611 the ideal filling pump.

Best product quality The VF 611 is the right  filling pump for constant feeding for the FPVLH 242 sausage filling line.

Gentle with depositing applications The VF 611 is also suitable for continuous depositing applications, for example with the ST 420 filling flow divider (without portioning).

Key Facts

Filling Capacity
Filling Pressure
Up to 15
Hopper Volume


ST420 Filling Flow Divider

The ST420 Filling Flow Divider is connected directly to the Handtmann vacuum filler. Accurate and uniform distribution from one into several product flows with liquid, pasty or homogenous products such as meat and fish products, filet, American cheese, bread filling, cevapcici and various snack products. With 2-8 outlets as standard. Volumetrically accurate distribution, and straight filling and portioning.

Dosing Head, type 85-2

Simple and precisely portioned dosing of fluid to firm products: Non-drip, vertical admixing opens up new capabilities for product innovations.

Parts Trolly, type 449-01

For storing and cleaning of removable parts.

Casing Spooling Device 78-6

With the handtmann Type 78-6 casing spooling device you can increase the efficiency of your automatic Filling, Portioning and Linking machine when producing sausages in natural casing. The advantages are: minimum interruption to the filling process, uniform and gentle spooling of the casing, suitable for all natural casings, and simple operation.

Holding Devices 414,416

Suitable for automatic linking of natural casings, collagen and artificial casings.

Top Advantages

Reproducible product quality due to constant filling flow without pulsation
Perfect filling pump for the connection of a FPVLH 242
Ideal for the production of hot dogs etc. in combination with FPVLH 242
Feed system with automatic protection against dry running
Metal detector support