Features & Benefits

  •  20% more filling capacity for fine-grained end products
  • Increased drive power for extremely high speed production of very cold products
  • Lower maintenance from low-wear components
  • Cutting sets come in defined combinations
  • Automatic gristle separation for more consistent product and production reliability
  • 220 mm ground meat attachment

High Efficiency VF800 Ground Meat Solutions

Faster. Safer. More Accurate.

Advanced VF 800 vacuum filling technology with a hygienic design that eliminates microbial traps and features only angled or curved external surfaces combines with Handtmann’s completely redesigned, higher torque inline grinder and more accurate servo-controlled moving knife to deliver exact portions for precise positioning into trays or thermoformers. An optional fully integrated checkweigher can also send portion-by-portion weight data back to the filler for immediate hands-free gram-level adjustments back to the reference weight.

GD 451 Inline Grinding system with GD 452 Ground Meat Attachment

Handtmann’s high torque GD 451 inline grinding system with its ground meat attachment features state-of-the-art grinding technology with a powerful servo drive that enables extremely high speeds and guaranteed filling capacities even at low temperatures.  The separate grinder drive lets processors easily change the ratio between portioning and cutting speeds for more control over product appearance.  And, those production parameters are all stored in memory for more certain process reliability and more consistent product quality.

Handtmann’s Servo-controlled Moving Knife 

Handtmann’s high speed moving knife is delivers precise, error-free portioning and meets all the demands of toughest ground meat production standards at up to 200ppm.  With the most modern state-of-the-art technology on the market including a blade scraper that prevents products from sticking, this virtually noiseless portioner creates less heat and less cutting set wear – and its servo technology with flexible product spacing ensures smooth depositing into trays or thermoformers. 

Optional Checkweigher – Automates & Virtually Eliminates Rejects

Easy to clean with one belt, one motor and an award winning hygienic design, Bizerba’s Neptune checkweigher guarantees 100% weight control by reference weighing each portion, sorting rejects and instantaneously sending data to Handtmann’s smart communication system for analysis and transfer to the filler for continuous micro-portioning adjustment back to the reference rate for the industry’s most accurate package-by-package conformance to the ideal product specification.

Real-time Data Capture & Data-driven Adjustments

The Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU) tracks all critical monitoring sensors in the process to intelligently manage the high speed system for precise weights, smooth loading and trouble-free operation.   A seamless flow of process data keeps the operation accurate and automated – and capable of meeting today’s ground meat production requirements and tomorrow’s challenges. 

Key HCU Benefits

  • Lower processing costs with less giveaway
  • Consistent package-by-package weights
  • Virtual elimination of expensive rework
  • Adaptability from individual filling and grinding drives
  • Automated tracking & documentation
  • Simplified process planning, monitoring and management