Features & Benefits

  • Robust Technology
  • Less Give-away
  • Dependable Partner
  • Continuous Production
  • Simplified Loading

Simplify Ground Meat Automation

The Power of Uninterrupted Performance

Free up your labor with proven ground meat automation from a trusted processing partner.  Handtmann automation narrows your min/max weight specifications and check-weighing ensures no underweights.  It also virtually eliminates rework by optimizing the implementation of your process with real-time monitoring and data-driven re-calibration with continuous adjustments to meet your parameters. 

Handtmann’s intelligent WS 910 checkweigher and sorting belt work with VF 800 vacuum fillers to provide accurate-to-the-gram portioning, automatic ejection and centralized line synchronization that lets you narrow your min/max parameters dramatically and reduce your ground meat and formed product give-away with confidence.

Handtmann reliability and portion-by-portion reference weighing with automated ejection also ensure uninterrupted performance with significant cost savings and easy operation.

This checkweighing solution forms part of the Handtmann LineControl concept that also ensures user-friendliness and process continuity with touch screen product selection and process management at the vacuum filler control screen.

This intelligent Handtmann’s portioning, sorting and control system unleashes the potential of modern production processes with a turnkey solution that delivers cost reductions through continuous production with guaranteed accurate-to-the-gram weights that let you reduce give-away to a minimum by providing 100 % weight control.

Automated Tray or Roll Stock Loading

  • Hygienic filler design eliminates microbial traps   
  • Reliable portion accuracy with speeds up to 200 ppm  

  • Integrated servo-controlled product handling  

  • Independent grinder drive for easy speed changes to control product appearance  

  • Defined cutting sets with tighter tolerances wear longer

  • Automatic bone removal for more consistent product