Features & Benefits

  • Reduces sausage line labor up to 50%
  • Packages natural casings automatically into trays
  • Automated loading with dramatically smaller footprint than robotic pick & pack options
  • Improved hygiene & better, more consistent product presentation

Simplify Fresh Sausage Tray Loading Automation

The Power of Uninterrupted Performance

Handtmann's Fresh Sausage Automation Solution

Processors can now free up their labor with a proven solution from a trusted automation partner. Handtmann fresh sausage automation works with all casing types and narrows min/max weight specifications while reducing giveaway – all while delivering trouble-free automated tray loading with a dramatically smaller footprint than robotic pick & pack options.

The GS 300 Series is an effective turnkey solution for the automatic depositing of fresh sausages in collagen, natural or alginate casings into trays.  It loads sausage links individually or in pairs into the horizontal channels of a slotted drum whose rotation is synchronized with the filler for high speed operation.  The rotating drum deposits the sausages into a trays at up to 600 ppm, offering efficient tray loading automation to medium-sized and industrial producers for the first time.

The GS 300 Series provides innovative distinctions that disrupt the status quo & benefit processors and consumers with the reliable automated loading of all casings, including natural, into trays with no human intervention. 

A significant market impact is the GS 300’s proven ability to make automation more efficient and affordable with practical implementation that delivers value by:

  • Optimized operating efficiency at high speeds with less people over multiple shifts
  • Simplifying operator control and eliminating tray loading labor
  • Integrating and changing easily with its modular design
  • Fast, thorough cleaning with its next-gen hygienic design