VF600 Bakery Series

Handtmann’s short product path and gentle vane cell dough movement reduce the friction that often causes excessive temperature rise in other portioners. These are just two of the intelligently designed Handtmann VF 600 B distinctions that will make a noticeable difference in operational efficiency and product quality.

VF600 Series

Designed to deliver on your product quality goals

Handtmann’s Proof is in Your Products

Handtmann Bakery solutions are powered by Handtmann VF 600 B portioners with vanecell technology that deliver on the very highest bakery quality goals. Dough more gently travels through shorter travel paths, reducing product stress and lowering temperature rise while maintaining inclusion integrity that your customers will see.

The Handtmann VF 600 B series also assures the industry’s most accurate and consistent dividing and depositing for doughs of various densities, batters and viscous products that flow naturally into proprietary Handtmann vane cells for precise measurement.

With no leeway for compromise, the performance and portioning of the four (4) machines in the VF 600 B Series enable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of individual bakeries handling any level of output with most combinations of higher value products, including those using gluten-free doughs and batters.

Your Most Flexible Product Handling Option

  • Reduced stress from patented vane cell handling
  • Gentle delivery of the most delicate inclusions
  • Adjustable strength for easy handling of dense dough, batter and viscous products
  • Variable production capacities for bakeries of all sizes
  • Consistent portion accuracy for superior cost control

Ten Points of Handtmann Difference

  • Patented vane cell design reduces product stress
  • Delicate inclusions retain their integrity with short, gentle delivery
  • Easy handling of dense dough, batter and viscous products with adjustable strengths
  • Nine customizable VF Series alternatives to serve the broadest combinations of volume and product specifications
  • Plug ‘n Play flexibility enables easy line integration
  • Hygienic design with ergonomic features allow simpler operation and easier cleanup
  • Split hopper design and servo precision support safer operations and simpler changeovers
  • Natural flow of product from hopper through vane cell reduces temperature rise
  • Consistent accuracy delivers superior cost control
  • Handtmann manufacturing standards enable the maintenance of OEM operating precision with reduced maintenance costs throughout the equipment lifecycle
VF Bakery Series

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