Exact Forming. Efficient Production.

Handtmann Bakery solutions are powered by Handtmann VF portioners with vane cell technology that delivers on the very highest bakery-quality goals. Dough more gently travels through shorter travel paths, reducing product stress with minimal temperature rise while maintaining inclusion integrity that your customers will see.

Handtmann Vacuum Fillers assures the industry’s most accurate and consistent dividing and forming for doughs of various densities, batters and viscous products that flow naturally into proprietary Handtmann vane cells for precise measurement.

The SE 442 Forming Device

Gram sensitive dividing increases profits. Handtmann's SE 442 Cutting Solution with reliably precise accuracy that reduces overage and eliminates underweight divides dough of various consistencies, specializing in traditional and gluten-free products in such diverse applications including pizza dough

The FS 520 Forming Device

Handtmann’s adaptable FS 520 multi-lane former with its rotating-hole 3-plate cutting design automates the production of formed products that look handmade. It produces a wide variety of 3-D shapes and sizes multi-lane configurations with high cycle times. Changeovers are easy with real-time on-screen graphic product visualization that shows the shape forming as process parameters are being inputted or called from system memory.  And, its servo-driven flow divider ensures the precise weight in every lane, dramatically reducing raw product overage.

The DS 551 Depositing Solution

Dosing & Depositing with Inclusion Definition

Handtmann's flexible DS 551 Depositing Solution doses spot, strip, or continuous flow filling into cups, trays, or sheeted dough. 

The filling product is pre-portioned by the Handtmann vacuum filler and fed to the Handtmann servo-driven flow divider where product is gently moved – not pushed from back at the vacuum filler – and delivered with extremely accurate weights across all lanes.