Features & Benefits

  • Computer controlled cutting set precision
  • Automated cutting set adjustments/readjustments for maximum precision, less wear and lower TCO
  • Adjustable vacuum control to manage product texture

Next Generation Emulsifiers

Better Extraction. Better Control. Extended Cutting Set Life.

With modular 1 to 5 stage cutting sets and servo-controlled product filling before engagement, Inotec emulsifiers only engage after product is in the cutting set, extending cutting set life and consistently delivering very high protein extraction with maximum precision for even the finest minces.  Heat monitoring sensors detect dangerous temperature spikes and automatically stop operations to avoid unsafe processing conditions that can spoil product or lead to metal contamination.  Inotec emulsifiers also feature a text-free operator interface and easy adjustments for multiple product specifications that also let you control target outlet temperatures for better end-product consistency and lower operational costs. 

Longer Wear.  Consistent Accuracy. 

  • Automated operation with no human intervention
  •  Preset temperature ranges are maintained
  •  Continuous and traceable product quality & production records
  •  Energy efficient motors with smart soft-start & variable speed drives   


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