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Interesting articles about Ultra Violet light and the Coronavirus

UVC Degermination At a Glance
UVC Degermination At a Glance: Click for a larger view

How Does UVC Disinfection in the VF 800 Work?

Air with viruses, spores and bacteria can be degerminated with UVC radiation. The air cooling system of the VF 800 is used for UVC disinfection. The air taken in to cool the machine , through the intake filter (stainless steel filter cassette) (1)is guided through an integrated disinfection unit in the exhaust duct by means of a radial fan (2), where UVC radiation reliably and effectively deactivates airborne germs. The UVC unit is located in the exhaust air duct (3). The microbial count in the exhaust air is thus significantly reduced (disinfection)

Degerminate Your Air of Viruses with UVC

First-class hygiene conditions are a must in food production and are becoming increasingly important. The emergence of the new coronavirus has taken the subject of hygiene to a new level. This is because the SARS-CoV-2 virus that triggers COVID-19 can survive as an aerosol for several hours in the air (e.g. after having been coughed out).

Thanks to their highly modern hygiene concept, the Handtmann VF 800 vacuum fillers also live up to this challenge.

Read how Handtmann's VF 800 with UVC module inactivates UV-sensitive viruses, such as influenza and coronavirus.

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Disinfection Solutions for Viruses and Bacteria

What is the difference between UVC and Thermal disinfecting?  Watch the short video above to learn more about the different disinfection solution options.

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How Does UV Radiation Work?

What exactly *are* ultraviolet rays?  And how do they kill airborne viruses and bacteria?  Watch the video above for a quick and easy to digest explanation.

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How Does the UVC module in the VF 800 Work?

So now that you know how UV works to kill viruses and bacteria, what exactly does the optional UVC unit in Handtmann's vacuum filler do?