Velati Now Exclusively at Handtmann

Lake Forest, IL – June 28, 2022 - Tom Kittle, President of Handtmann Inc. today announced that Handtmann, Inc. is now representing Velati, the Milan-based premium salami, mortadella and pepperoni solution provider, in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

According to Kittle, “The superiority of specialized Velati technologies and their full line installations help premium processors around the globe produce specialized Italian products with industry-leading old-world quality. We are pleased that we can now expand access to Velati solutions for US processors.”

When speaking of the Handtmann Velati relationship in the US, Kittle says “we share performance-focused cultures that listen to customers, customize installations to meet their very particular needs, and have expert application and service teams committed to the long-term success of our customers.”

Handtmann Maschinenfabrik and Velati authorized the development of local relationships in May. Handtmann Canada is also partnering with Velati.


Velati, founded in 1867, began as a manufacturer of grinders for small and medium-sized salami processors. Still family owned, specialized Velati solutions are known for producing the world’s finest old-world salami, mortadella and peperoni products. Today, the company continues its heavy annual investment in R&D that has over the past few years developed weighing systems, product traceability solutions and simple full line automation programs, among other innovations..

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