Features & Benefits

  • Robust Technology
  • Less Give-away
  • Dependable Partner
  • Continuous Production
  • Simplified Loading

Simplify Ground Meat Automation

The Power of Uninterrupted Performance

Free up your labor with proven ground meat automation from a trusted processing partner.  Handtmann automation narrows your min/max weight specifications and check weighing ensures no underweights.  It also virtually eliminates rework by optimizing the implementation of your process with real-time monitoring and data-driven re-calibration with continuous adjustments to meet your parameters. 

Automated Tray or Roll Stock Loading

  • Hygienic filler design eliminates microbial traps   
  • Reliable portion accuracy with speeds up to 200 ppm  

  • Integrated servo-controlled product handling  

  • Independent grinder drive for easy speed changes to control product appearance  

  • Defined cutting sets with tighter tolerances wear longer

  • Automatic bone removal for more consistent product

Other Handtmann Automation Solutions

Handtmann's Fresh Sausage Automation Solution

Automate the Loading of Natural Casing Sausage

Processors can now free up their labor with a proven solution from a trusted automation partner. Handtmann fresh sausage automation works with all casing types and narrows min/max weight specifications while reducing giveaway – all while delivering trouble-free automated tray loading with a dramatically smaller footprint than robotic pick & pack options.

Handtmann's Depositing Automation Solution

Deploy your labor force more flexibly and enjoy the increased value of precise portioning, depositing and automation with a proven solution from a trusted automation partner.  Handtmann’s multiple lane depositing solution lets you maintain weight accuracy and reduces giveaway for large chunky and highly viscous products – all while delivering trouble-free automated cylinder-by-cylinder portioning directly into individual packaging.