Meat Processing Solutions

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Vane cell precision: Intelligently designed to keep you ahead of the competition

800 Series
Vacuum Fillers

The Handtmann VF 800 series Vacuum Fillers represent a technological quantum leap, with more than a hundred innovative new developments, top-level hygiene and ergonomics, and capacities tailored to individual needs.

Explore 800 Series Vacuum Fillers
VF 830

The VF 830 is excellently suited for the high-precision filling and portioning of pasty and liquid masses and gently promotes products of medium consistency.

VF 838 S

Flexible with power. Perfect for versatile use in industrial sausage production, especially for raw sausages and sticks due to the high filling pressure.

VF 840

The VF 840 offers variable application possibilities in sausage and ham production.

VF 842

The VF 842 is the perfect solution for versatile use in industrial sausage and ham production.

600 Series
Vacuum Fillers

Affordable precision and flexibility for processors of all sizes.

High Vacuum
Vacuum Fillers

Outstanding power and precision delivering the industry’s highest end-product quality.

Explore meat solutions by application:

High volume linking, cutting and hanging with Handtmann’s legendary portioning accuracy for natural, artificial, and collagen casings.

Accurate single, multilane & hand-held depositing of even chunky products with clean, exact separation.

Reliable and accurate cutting and forming solutions.

High speed inline grinding and dividing with Handtmann reliability and precision.

Finally, efficient high volume co-extrusion, simplified.

Smart INOTEC® solutions deliver short mixing cycles while meeting a wide range of processing demands

Smart INOTEC® solutions deliver high protein extraction with maximum precision for even the finest minces.

The highest efficiency with reliable, high speed INOTEC® solutions.

State-of-the-art production planning, control and optimization technologies.