Precision High Vacuum Control

Handtmann HVF system revolutionizes high vacuum filling with a servo-controlled intake valve and dual vacuum systems for continuous operation. This technology optimizes product quality by adjusting the vacuum and feeding rates, enhancing product consistency, and offering high precision in portioning, essential for various high-quality meat products.

The Handtmann HVF high vacuum filling system employs advanced servo-controlled technology and dual vacuum systems, specifically designed for optimizing the production of high-quality meat products. By adjusting vacuum levels and feeding rates, the system ensures uniform product quality and precise portion control. Ideal for a variety of meat products including whole muscle hams, ground meats, dry and boiled sausages, this technology adapts to the characteristics of each product, enhancing shelf life and sensory attributes.

Compatible with various auxiliary devices and featuring intelligent vacuum management, the HVF system is a key tool for modern, efficient production, offering exceptional flexibility and economic benefits in industrial meat processing.