Shorter Batch Times

The mixing technology developed by Handtmann Inotec is highly effective for quickly and uniformly mixing viscous to highly viscous products. This technology is particularly useful in the manufacturing of food and pet food. It can be integrated into an existing production line or used independently as a standalone machine. Additionally, this technology is extremely efficient in the production of cured items, including cooked ham.


Spiral Mixing - No Shaft

The Handtmann Inotec VarioMix with no central shaft and precision control of the rotation direction and speed of each spiral provides a level of mixing customization that’s proven to reduce batch times and maintain consistent quality for even the most delicate products.  

Spiral and Paddle

Handtmann Inotec mixing technology excels in quickly and evenly mixing viscous products for food and pet food production. Suitable for inline and stand-alone uses, its models feature paddle, spiral, or screw shafts tailored to specific applications. Producers enjoy efficient mixing and convenient emptying through mixer outlet flaps.