Cold Formed Kibble

Handtmann pet food kibble production is gentle and precise, efficiently producing various shapes like sticks, cylinders and cubes with up to 24 lanes, ensuring resource conservation in an automated process.

Sticks & Treats

Handtmann forming solutions for sticks, bars and other pet treat shapes are available in a variety of models for processors from artisan shops to large industrial lines. They produce excellent shapes consistently with gram-accurate weight control. Intuitive touch screen controls, hygienic designs for rapid sanitation, easy changeovers make Handtmann pet treat forming options ideal for processors needing efficiency and flexibility with operational reliability to depend on and service support to trust. 

Wet Food

As the accurate-to-the-gram portioning leader Handtmann already offers a wide range of single and multi-lane depositing solutions small-scale applications and fully automated industrial production of wet pet food into a wide variety of containers.  Our flexible solutions handle chunky mixes accurately, ensuring precise weights for all sizes from small tins to larger buckets for efficient continuous production.  


Achieve consistent quality and precise portioning with Handtmann high vacuum technology.  Our solutions for chub pet food offer fast-filling speeds, versatile handling of various dog food types, adjustable portion sizes with powerful evacuation that ensures pore-free product for better presentation and  longer shelf life.    

Sausage Products

Handtmann offers highly productive solutions for sausage treat processing for small processors managing labor issues and industrial processors needing fully automated production with exact weights at the highest speeds over the longest runs. Whether processing a single casing type or combinations of natural, collagen, artificial, or innovative vegetable alginate casings, Handtmann has a solution tailored to your requirements.