precision clipping and clip removal

Our advanced clipping and declipping technologies streamline the production process by enabling quick, efficient, and precise handling of products. These systems are designed to improve operational speed and reduce material waste, enhancing productivity while ensuring high-quality product output.


The Intelligent Filler Clipper Interface enhances production efficiency by synchronizing the Handtmann vacuum filler and Poly-clip Clipper. This automation optimizes settings for a smooth process flow, reduces wear, and increases portioning capacity, making it ideal for efficiently producing deli meats and pet food chubs with enhanced productivity and reliability.


Handtmann Inotec EC02 declipper automates error-free removal of single or double metal clips from bar-shaped sausage products, ensuring product safety and hygiene. The unit’s industrial-level performance and compact design combine with quick product changes and optional seamless integration into feeding and packaging lines to make it a stand out for operations of all sizes.