Next Gen Layered Extrusion

The Handtmann ConPro and ConProLink systems enable continuous industrial production of linked, sausage-shaped products in alginate casing, combining precise filling, cutting, and hanging options for efficient and cost-effective operations.



Handtmann ConPro, ConPro Link systems enable continuous industrial production of traditional linked products in alginate casings. They combine precise casing formation with simultaneous filling and efficient cutting and hanging for cost-effective continuous production.  Casing can be customized in thickness, color, and taste, supporting the development of diverse products.

Triple Co-Extrusion

Three-layer coextruded products are made possible by the reliable precision of Handtmann triple co-extrusion technologies. The filling core is formed with the intermediate layer simultaneously added and the outer product layer is then extruded with exact ratios maintained for each layer with their distinct recipes. The system offers customized configurations for diverse production needs.