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OEM Service without the Travel

HVISION™ is an augmented reality (AR), smart glasses technology that immediately places our Handtmann Technical Support Team at your service virtually to walk your team through the solution you need, using the powerful optical zoom camera that allows for hands-free communication and information sharing.


  • Live motion video with optical and digital zoom lenses
  • Heads-up display
  • Wifi & cellular capable
  • Ballistic rated construction
  • Microphone and integrated speakers
  • Laser pointer with QR and barcode reader capabilities

HVISION™ lets you and your Handtmann HVISION™ technician work together to solve problems quickly and efficiently without waiting for a technician to be dispatched.

The Handtmann technician can push videos, pictures, or documents that are viewable in your glasses' heads-up display to show you exactly how a part can be installed, or removed, where to measure voltages, etc. You can show the technician what is occurring in real-time so it can be seen and heard clearly. This can be recorded to help with later collaborations, parts ordering, and other next steps.

97% Successful Resolution Rate Within 30 Minutes

The top 6 areas where HVISION™ is being used without travel:

Machine Assembly Problems
Application Performance Issues
Electrical Troubleshooting
Small Component Replacement Questions
Machine Assessments and Evaluations
Unplanned Machine Stops

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