Advanced Precision technology

The Handtmann Inotec emulsifying technology excels in ultra-fine grinding, emulsifying, and homogenizing a range of pre-products from fluid to viscous. Its modular cutting sets and servo-controlled filling enhance durability and precision, ensuring high protein extraction and consistency. Featuring a text-free interface and temperature controls, it efficiently maintains product quality while reducing operational costs, with heat sensors providing safety by halting operations during unsafe temperature spikes.



Inotec emulsifiers deliver consistent product quality and reliable efficiency with their innovative self-adjusting radial cutting set design that reduces ownership costs and shortens batch times. 1-4 stage cutting set options, models featuring up to 23 hoppers, and inline, vacuum, and full automation are available. High-speed operation only starts after product enters the cutting set to reduce wear while automatic real-time adjustments all during operation optimize performance, extend sharpening intervals, and reduce replacement costs.  Simplified cleaning procedures and user-friendly assembly also help make Inotec an excellent investment.

Batch Cooking

The Inotec All-In-One batch cooking line with operator friendly Inotec Touch iT control seamlessly processes a wide variety of products in a self-contained system.  Automatic cutting set adjustments by their modular cutting system blends, emulsifies, and homogenizes ingredients with precision control of temperature, pressure and other critical parameters. These systems cook at up to 99°C with both direct steam injection and indirect heating options. Their vacuum system eliminates air and integrates ingredients efficiently to enable efficient continuous processing with very precise control.