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Handtmann forming systems offer a variety of innovative solutions in 2-24 lanes for producers looking for efficient production with excellent shapes and gram-accurate portion control. They automate the production of variously shaped products and offer the flexibility to address ever-changing consumer demands. Integrated with a Handtmann vacuum filler (with optional inline grinding), Handtmann forming systems gently feed product for superior product quality and Handtmann servo-driven flow dividers deliver those accurate portions across all lanes.   


Single-Lane Solutions

Single-lane Handtmann forming solutions range from manual cutting units for small scale businesses to efficient options for the automation of medium scale processing lines with rotary cutting for different cross sections and 3-blade technology that enables the widest range of free-formed products. Handtmann All-In-One forming options enable a rapid change from rotary cutting to free-formed products in less than 3 minutes for facilities that need automation and flexibility in a small footprint. 

Multi-Lane Solutions 

Handtmann multi-lane forming systems offer versatile shaping capabilities, including cylindrical, 3D, and specialty shapes like stars and hearts, efficiently positioned on conveyor belts or trays. Options include rotating hole plates for precise formations of burgers and balls, with additional configurations for flattening, water or oil baths, and laminating processes – all with reliable gram-accurate portioning. In configurations from 2-24 lanes, Handtmann multi-lane forming options also support co-extruding functionality for a wide range of formed shapes and product combinations.  

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