Advanced Grinding Solutions

Handtmann Inotec grinding and ultra-fine grinding technologies deliver quality results efficiently for meat, petfood, dairy and alternative protein processors, as well as specialty confectionery, baby food and other product categories. This technology ranges from basic models for artisan producers to advanced industrial-grade machines. 



The Handtmann Inotec industrial grinder excels in handling both frozen blocks and fresh raw materials, making it ideal for large-scale food and feed production. Designed to integrate seamlessly into Handtmann processing lines, this grinder offers reliable and gentle processing, ensuring high-quality output for both intermediate and final products.


Handtmann inline grinders deliver first-class product quality and appearance for the production of dry or fresh sausages, minced meat, patties and a wide variety of other formed products. In a Handtmann line, filling and grinding is a continuous step with precision cutting and low friction, flexible adjustment of particle size, and extremely accurate portioning of quality ground product.