Advanced Integrated Cooking Technology

The INOTEC Batch Cooker is an all-in-one solution for processing a variety of products including processed cheese, pastes, smoothies, jams, and sauces. Equipped with the INOTEC Touch iT control system and a modular cutting design, it ensures consistent quality and precision. Features include automatic cutting set adjustments, optional heating methods, and a vacuum system for enhanced emulsification.

Universal Cooking

Batch Cooking

The Handtmann Inotec BC-iT automatic processing unit is a versatile system designed for a broad spectrum of food production tasks including grinding, mixing, heating, cooling, and emulsifying a variety of hot and cold products, with or without vacuum. This universal processing technology supports everything from liquid to chunky textures, effectively handling meat, dairy, confectionery, vegan/vegetarian products, baby food, pet food, and more. 


The system is equipped with powerful pre-grinding capabilities and ensures optimal homogenization under vacuum, achieving up to 99 °C for cooking and providing flexible cooling options. Additionally, it offers ultra-fine grinding and a modular 1- to 4-stage cutting system with precise control over cutting settings. The BC-iT units are ideal for both standalone and integrated system use, featuring user-friendly, image-supported process control for exceptional production reliability and hygienic conditions.