Superior Depositing Solutions

Versatile Handtmann depositing and dosing systems are available in a wide range of single and multi-lane options and configurations. They operate with unparalleled precision across a broad spectrum of products with consistent quality and efficient portion control that reduces giveaway and increasing productivity in diverse production settings. 

Depositing & Filling

Single Lane 

Our range of flexible single lane depositing technologies and dosing valves delivers precise portions for a wide array of food products in portion sizes from 3-1,000 grams with reliable accuracy across different product consistencies and temperatures up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit.  They ensure consistent product quality, are adaptable to multiple container types, including tubs, jars, and trays. Ergonomic designs, customizable settings, and hygienic construction the safety and efficiency of their food production environments.

Multi Lane

Handtmann high performance multilane depositing technologies, including the SV 424 and SV 425 cutting valves and the VDM and DS 552 dosing systems, deliver exceptional depositing precision at the highest volumes. They are flexible systems that handle everything from chunky to pasty products with perfect portioning for minimal giveaway. They can be configured to fit in limited footprints and operate efficiently with a variety of containers.  Handtmann depositing delivers consistency and reliability that provides significant value for high-volume industrial applications. 

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