Ground Meat

Handtmann ground meat solutions increase efficiency with the seamless integration of highly efficient modules. FROM MIXING AND GRINDING to precision placement into tray feeding or thermo-forming machines, synchronized Handtmann portioning lines deliver HIGH SPEED AUTOMATION –  all with protein portion accuracy that reduces giveaway in ways that will make a business difference.

Patties, Balls, Sticks, Nuggets

Flexible Handtmann forming solutions support the production of diverse, skinless products like patties, sticks, balls, nuggets, and other uniquely formed shapes. They let processors address changing consumer demands with the efficient forming and automated processing of innovative products with the widest variety shapes and materials at artisan and industrial levels.  

Fresh, Cooked, & Smoked Sausage

Handtmann Automated Linking/Hanging solutions simplify consistent high-volume sausage production with versatile model options that handle casings and voiding with precision, enable rapid, error-free casing changes, and deliver optimized hanging efficiency with gram-accurate weights through the longest runs.

Co-Extruded Products

Co-extruded products, using customizable alginate casings from the ConPro system, offer versatile solutions for sausage and similar products. This method supports continuous production, enhancing market share by accommodating diverse dietary preferences and innovative product designs in meat, cheese, and vegetarian options. 

Deli Meats / Salami

The excellent evacuation created by Handtmann high vacuum technology provides totally pore-free products that are ideal for whole muscle and deli meat applications. Cooked sausage, boiled salami, summer sausage and semi-dry sausage also benefit from efficient hopper feeding and extremely gentle product handling.