Formed Product

Explore our diverse forming capabilities in 1-24 lanes with easy nozzle shape changes to free-formed shapes created at the control panel that can be changed at the control panel on the fly. Handtmann has a highly efficient labor-saving forming solution that will meet your needs and open new opportunities. 

Soft and Cream Cheeses

Explore new opportunities with the flexibility our Handtmann solutions for yogurt, cream cheese, goat cheese, and Mexican cheeses offer with their innovative forming and depositing capabilities.  These flexible solutions support a wide range of culinary uses, ensuring the quality you want with precise portioning that will reduce giveaway.  


Elevate your gastronomy offerings with ribbed butterballs, sticks, and cones, perfectly formed for upscale presentations. Handtmann solutions facilitate precise, continuous portioning into various shapes, deposited directly onto belts or multi-lane thermoformed packaging, enhancing both aesthetics and efficiency.



Edible Alginate Products

Introducing revolutionary cheese snacks in edible/compostable alginate sachets, offering a variety of shapes and sizes. These novel sachet forms can be consumed whole or peeled, ensuring convenient, no-leak bites perfect for on-the-go energy boosts.

Coextruded Products

Explore the creative possibilities with creative Handtmann co-extrusion technologies, including interesting products like cream cheese logs with a fig jam center and cheese snacks in small tightly sealed pods made with alginate casings for a quick, environmentally-friendly energy burst for people on the run! Handtmann advanced co-extrusion technologies ensure exact portions and consistent casing-to-filling ratios with high production efficiency.