Service Training

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2023 Training Schedule

  • January No Classes
  • February 21-23 Closed
  • March 21-23 Closed
  • April 18-20 Closed: Registration Full
  • May 16-18 PVLH-246/PVLS-143
  • June 20-21 VF 608
  • July 18-20 VF 600
  • August 22-24 VF 800
  • September 19-21 HVF 600
  • October 10-12 PVLH-246/PVLS-143
  • November 14-16 VF 800
  • December No Classes


If you would like to register for one of the schools, please complete the form below.

* Please look for a follow-up email immediately after registration for further instruction. If this email is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Scheduled Equipment Training

These tightly structured 3-day interactive courses at the Handtmann Lake Forest, IL facility combine detailed classroom instruction and hands-on immersion into a specific Handtmann technology. The mechanical-electrical content is appropriate for maintenance team members with all levels of experience on Handtmann equipment.

Please note that our Lake Forest facilities are in full operation with strict health standards providing safety and peace of mind for employees and visiting customer groups.

  • Course: Covers (1) piece of equipment
  • Length: 3-day course per machine
  • Cost: $400 / person or if you have purchased a relevant machine within the past 12 months, you may send (1) individual for free

If you are unable to make one of our scheduled service training classes, we also have virtual and on-site offerings below. Please email for more information.

Customized Maintenance Training

Maintenance training at the Handtmann Lake Forest facility or your location is customized to your needs. These intense, personalized 3-day courses cover only the equipment you have identified and are specific to your facility and products.

Control Panel Input Training

Covers all the parameters and adjustments to be made on the vacuum filler. Training for all levels of experience covers operating parameters, common issues, software performance adjustments, and shortcuts.

2-4 hour courses via Microsoft Teams for up to 10 company employees.

Application / Operational Training

This advanced training is evenly divided between a classroom setting and the production floor. It covers the theoretical operation and components of your specific Handtmann technology and their practical implementation on your production floor. Our specialists will work directly with your operators to resolve the top 3-5 operational issues they have identified prior to your arrival.

We are very pleased with the training we have received over the years. We have reduced the number of parts we were using and increased run time by properly maintaining our machines. Our technicians are more confident and competent when troubleshooting and maintaining our equipment. Your team has helped us by providing the level of training we need and building relationships. We appreciate the level of training and support we are receiving from Handtmann. We hope to continue this year after year.

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