Precision Sausage
Tying & Link Cutting

Handtmann Inotec solutions revolutionizes sausage production with advanced tying machines and high-speed link cutters. These systems provide precise, hygienic processing for a variety of sausages, achieving exceptional outputs and efficiency. Both solutions focus on reducing waste and maintaining quality, tailored for industrial use across multiple product configurations.


The Handtmann Inotec tying machines provide efficient and hygienic portioning and tying of sausage-shaped products in natural, collagen, and artificial casings. With high production outputs, these machines ensure precise portion control, reduce casing usage, and support sustainable production without metal clips. Their user-friendly design offers customizable tying options, enhancing product appearance and quality, reminiscent of handmade products. 

Link Cutting

The Handtmann Inotec link cutter series offers advanced, automated sausage separation solutions tailored for industrial-scale processing. These systems handle a variety of sausage types, including curved and linked, with precision. Featuring dual-sensor technology and multi-lane configurations, they ensure efficient and protective processing for high-performance output.