Advanced Handtmann depositing & dividing systems for bakery enable precise, oil and flour-free processing of diverse bread types - from whole meal to gluten-free - with gentle handling and exceptional weight accuracy that makes them efficient options for small artisan and large high-efficiency bakery operations. 

Pizza Dough

Handtmann dough dividing for pizza applications offers excellent portioning with gentle processing that supports the efficient production of traditional, gluten-free, and a variety of  specialty pizza dough recipes. 

Cookies and Bars

Our Handtmann solutions for depositing, forming, and shaping are ideal for cookies, bars, and a variety of baked goods. They gently handle firm doughs with and without inclusions with precision for excellent product quality and production efficiency. 

Cakes and Muffins

Single and multi-lane Handtmann depositing systems handle cake and muffin production efficiently with precise batter portioning and placement that optimizes both product quality and processing throughput. 

Pocket Products

The excellent multi-lane portioning accuracy of our depositing solutions for lamination lines offer very precise spot and continuous filling of smooth and chunky product for stuffed pastries and other pocket product applications.