Ground Alt Protein

Handtmann ground alternative protein technologies process gently and efficiently and our complete ground alternative protein solutions streamline production with full line integration of all processing functions into a seamless system.  Our advanced ground protein solutions feature simple labor-saving control, deliver excellent product quality by gently handling even the most complex formulations. 

Patties, Balls, Sticks, Nuggets

Explore new market opportunities with Handtmann forming technologies that enable the creation of alternative protein products in the widest possible variety of well-formed 3-D shapes. Our reliable systems and application teams ease the road for innovative processors as they develop products and our technologies produce them efficiently for processors of all sizes.  

Multi-Layered Products

Discover the creative possibilities available with our Handtmann multi-layer extruding technologies. Maintaining portion control with the different product layers supports gram-accurate weights and reliably efficient operation while the flexibility of our forming technologies also supports customized product textures and natural product appearance for alternative protein bacon, salmon and other items.

Vegan Sausages

Maximum efficiency in the production of vegan sausage is provided by gram-level portion accuracy and reliable labor-saving filling, linking and hanging automation. Our sausage filling equipment supports the automated use of all casing types, including innovative natural alginate casings that can mimic traditional casing attributes.