Patties, Balls, Sticks and Nuggets


Handtmann Inotec mixing technology is optimally suited for fast and homogeneous thorough mixing of viscous to highly viscous products in food and pet food production. It is used both inline production and as a stand-alone machine.

Vacuum Filling

Handtmann vacuum filling technologies provide unparalleled precision that delivers gram-level accuracy. They ensure long-term consistency in portioning with minimal wear, and excellent adaptability and scalability making them the preferred choice for broadest range of applications. 


Handtmann forming solutions deliver efficient versatility for the production of the widest variety of well-formed traditional and creative shapes. They help meet changing consumer demands with consistent portions to each nozzle in every configuration up to 24-lanes.


Handtmann weighing & stick scale solutions deliver precision and cost efficiency by ensuring gram-accurate weights, reducing giveaway, and optimizing line operations, improving efficiency and reliability across various products and applications.