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Performance Software with a Difference!

Plan, control and optimize your processing with the smart family of Handtmann Digital Solutions (HDS) to improve operational efficiency, reduce giveaway with batch-to-batch consistency and securely capture relevant equipment information to reduce downtime and maximize equipment utilization.

  • Process parameter monitoring with automated alerts
  • Data acquisition and analysis tools
  • Secure cloud-based remote access
  • Streamlined production planning

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Integrated Weight Reduction Option.

Gram-exact portion-by-portion weights, detailed product usage information and other data in real-time lets line supervisors catch low performance issues immediately with an intuitive tool for data-based best practice process improvement.

  • Automated weight control
  • Simplify management of production issues
  • Develop line-to-line, shift-to-shift, day-to-day best practice comparisons

We Reduced finished product giveaway by an average of 46.8%.

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