Full-line solutions

Collaboration to Succeed

Handtmann Line Solutions offers highly automated and efficient overall line solutions for industrial food processing. These solutions, known as HLS, are designed to optimize processes, increase output, and reduce costs through automation.

Technology & Support To Depend On

We meet today’s demands efficiently with the flexibility and scalability to support the introduction of new products and meet high production demands.

Innovative Approach

Involves a modular design, tailored specifically to client requirements, covering a wide range of processes from product preparation like mixing and grinding to advanced processing technologies including pumping, feeding, portioning, linking, forming, dosing, separating, and product handling. This encompasses tasks such as weighing, feeding, and depositing into packaging solutions.

By integrating strong components into innovative, holistically designed line solutions, Handtmann ensures seamless linkage of individual process steps, thereby reducing interfaces and boosting productivity. Their extensive product portfolio, combined with close cooperation with technology partners, positions Handtmann as a reliable solution partner with expertise in both line and process management.