Pet Food Processing Solutions

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Safer, faster, more accurate pet food portioning for treats, snacks, and raw products.

800 Series
Vacuum Fillers

Handtmann's VF 800 Vacuum Filler and the patented vane cell portioning is the latest state-of-the-art technology for your pet food production.

Explore 800 Series Vacuum Fillers
VF 830

The VF 830 is excellently suited for the high-precision filling and portioning of pasty and liquid masses and gently promotes products of medium consistency.

VF 838 S

Flexible with power. Perfect for versatile use in industrial sausage production, especially for raw sausages and sticks due to the high filling pressure.

VF 840

The VF 840 offers variable application possibilities in sausage and ham production.

VF 842

The VF 842 is the perfect solution for versatile use in industrial sausage and ham production.

VF 848 S

The VF 848 S is convincing in industrial sausage and ham production due to its extensive field of application.

600 Series
Vacuum Fillers

Affordable precision and flexibility for processors of all sizes.

Explore pet food solutions by application:

Accurate filling of chubs with optional clipping for Pet Food

Accurate sheeting for full widths or strips with superior edge-to-edge control.

Flexible depositing & filling solutions with gram-sensitive accuracy.

Forming & cutting with perfect shapes & high ingredient integrity.

Smart INOTEC® solutions deliver high protein extraction efficiently