The Gluten Free Solution

Smooth Flow. Refined Surfaces. Powerful Muscle.

Each Handtmann Bakery dividing, depositing, extruding and sheeting solution is powered by one of Handtmann’s four legendary VF 600 B portioners, enabling precise matches to specialized dough handling needs.

The VF series is especially valuable with gluten free doughs because of ultra-smooth designs, simple dough movement geometry, and variable power and volume options.

In addition, the transfer of advanced Handtmann aerospace and automobile manufacturing technology into its food processing equipment enables the efficient use of energy and seamless-fit of precision moving parts that lets gummy, sticky, leaden doughs slip with little friction through dividing or depositing operations.

A unique combination of power and gentleness let the Handtmann VF series handle doughs with the widest mixture of grains, texturizing ingredients and delicate inclusions – delivering the muscle needed for efficient operations and the delicacy required for premium bakery goods.

The Handtmann Solution to Gluten Free Issues

  • Tough Dough

    Friction makes gluten bonds too strong and too elastic. Handtmann’s natural flow hopper, simple vane cell movement and short dough path reduce friction and temperature rise.

  • Stickiness

    Handtmann equipment designs, advanced material expertise, and manufacturing precision provide the most efficient nonstick dividing and depositing solutions available today.

  • Flexible Power

    Handtmann's variable power, gentle handling and servo portioning control offer great flexibility in managing the broadest blend of flours and inclusions that contribute to the subtlety and textures of gluten free products.

  • Temperature

    Handtmann’s ability to reduce the temperature rise that traditionally occurs with screw designs lets bakers work with more stable dough and more precisely manage moisture levels in downstream processes.

  • Handling Fat

    Handtmann’s temperature management functions are even more valuable with selected gluten-free doughs made with whole grains, nuts and legumes that have higher levels of fat and are even more responsive to heat.

Gluten Free

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