From Prep to Pack

Efficient preparation with the newest Handtmann technology makes a difference. Your satisfaction is the measure of our success. Explore our preparation solutions below.


Optimizing production

Versatile High-Volume Automation

Deliver consistently high-quality sausages, minimal downtime, and enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Collating System

Fully-Automatic Collating and Depositing

A major advantage is the Handtmann hygienic design of the entire production line, from the vacuum filler to the tray denester, which ensures excellent hygienic conditions for production.

Hanging with inline scale

Weigh the Difference Gram-By-Gram

The integrated AHE mounted scale makes your production line more efficient and delivers consistent quality with optimal weight accuracy. 

Maximum Flexibility

Alginate Casings in a Compact Footprint

An efficient system offering operational flexibility and producing co-extruded products with an alginate casing. 

1.7 Second casing changes

Fully Automated Linking & Cutting Line

The PVLS 143 features a revolver and 3 linking nozzles ensuring extremely short casing change times.

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