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ConPro Sachet

The Handtmann ConProSachet system offers a new packaging process for fluid or pasty food products and food supplements into small sachets, pods or pockets, using seaweed-based material, so-called alginate, rather than plastic film as a casing.

A gold medal winner at Anuga Food Tech in Cologne Germany for its new approach to reducing the use of single-use plastics as packaging material.

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Sustainable alginate casing

Replaces Plastic Packaging

The material is obtained from seaweed, one of the most sustainable resources nature has to offer. Seaweed is abundant worldwide, grow quickly and requires neither fresh water nor substrate or fertiliser. The most significant advantage is that the sachets are edible and can simply be ingested, or disposed of in organic waste after use, because they biodegrade within a few weeks.

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Dr. Betz

"An innovative technology offering huge potential in the food sector."

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Snacking as well as convenience and ready meals renders this particularly relevant in gastronomy and food service, where sauces, dips, dressings, jams and similar products are used. The system also offers potential for product innovation in other industry sectors thanks to the new edible sachet form, e.g. for sausage and cheese products.

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