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Handtmann Inotec grinding and ultra-fine grinding technologies deliver quality results efficiently for meat, petfood, dairy and alternative protein processors, as well as specialty confectionery, baby food and other product categories. This technology ranges from basic models for artisan producers to advanced industrial-grade machines. 


The mixing technology developed by Handtmann Inotec is highly effective for quickly and uniformly mixing viscous to highly viscous products. This technology is particularly useful in the manufacturing of food and pet food. It can be integrated into an existing production line or used independently as a standalone machine. Additionally, this technology is extremely efficient in the production of cured items, including cooked ham.


The Handtmann Inotec emulsifying technology excels in ultra-fine grinding, emulsifying, and homogenizing a range of pre-products from fluid to viscous. Its modular cutting sets and servo-controlled filling enhance durability and precision, ensuring high protein extraction and consistency. Featuring a text-free interface and temperature controls, it efficiently maintains product quality while reducing operational costs, with heat sensors providing safety by halting operations during unsafe temperature spikes.