Handtmann Inotec

Grinding Technologies


From Prep to Pack. Handtmann® has now added a full line of advanced grinding and mixing technologies in support of its industry leading vacuum filling, portioning, linking, forming and depositing solutions. The line of grinders offered by Handtmann have been designed to process fresh, chilled and frozen meat with common designs and controls scaled for small, medium and large industrial processors. They have a rugged manufacturing pedigree and history of exceptionally efficient performance that offers new and efficient grinding options for US processors to consider.

Grinders from Handtmann deliver the highest standards of efficiency, safety, sanitation ... and quality of cut. The various available models can also be tailored to specific operational needs. Each grinder features touch screen control panels with a user-friendly interface, and can be supplied as a stand-alone machine, as part of a new automated production line or an existing line.

A grinding solution from your Handtmann team is also ideal when you want excellent service and knowledgeable support along with very high productivity, process continuity and uniformity of the final product.