Processing Innovations

MeatingPlace, May 2023

The internationally awarded design and performance of emulsifiers by Inotec, a Handtmann Group company, makes them a perfect partner for processors needing more precise quality, shorter processing times and easy operation with a longer cutting set life. The cutting set that self-adjusts during operation increases the precision of the cuts and the consistency of end product while eliminating the blade contact that reduces cutting set life.

That same precision combines with automated process monitoring and precision control of target outlet temperatures to deliver very high protein extraction without overworking the product. Handtmann Inotec emulsifiers address the most stringent food safety standards. The enable fast, safe, trouble-free changeovers.

Soft-start functionality means that product is in the cutting set before it is engaged to reduce cutting set replacement costs. Energy efficient, variable speed motors improve operating efficiency. Sensors detect temperature spikes and automated controls stop the operation to avoid unsafe processing conditions.