Digital Tools and Pan Bread

Questions and Answers

Baking & Snack, March 2023

How have digital tools for pan bread processing lines changed over the years? 

Digital tools have enabled smarter food processing, including for pan bread lines. Handtmann® Digital Solutions (HDS) offer simpler planning, automated monitoring, and line and department data-based decision making with clearly presented real-time production information for easy analysis and use. 

What sort of parameters and conditions can these digital tools monitor? 

Production documentation with the full range of machine performance data including real time machine status, automatic recording of downtime causes and methods for faster troubleshooting & remotely verifying parameters. Handtmann digital solutions can also: 



What kind of learning curve exists for operators when using digital tools? 

How does Handtmann assist in training operators to use digital tools on a daily basis? 

Once installed, most functions are automated and require little or no operator training. Optimizing the operational and management value of the information typically requires a top of mind awareness of what is being collected and timely reviews.

How can baking company ensure they’re getting the most out of the information provided by digital tools? 

In our experience, the most rapid and effective use occurs when management consciously shifts to a data-first approach to their operational management. 

We have seen many myths about efficiency crumble when presented with information about downtime, rejects and the second-by-second uptime/downtime facts. 

Often, the reasons for a routine difference in productivity between personnel groupings and shifts provides real clarity around performance improvement efforts. 

How are digital tools helping bakers improve not only the production efficiency but also product quality of pan bread? 

From the divider into the pan, the ability to monitor critical dough and depositing within very tight parameters maintains consistently higher product quality and ensures optimized production efficiency.